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My Story


Food has always been a huge part of my life. My love of food started very young, but was sadly taken away from me when I
started to experience severe bloating, cramps, unexplained weight gain, acne, skin rashes, weak immune system, food sensitivities, low energy, irritability, anxiety, mood swings.... you name it!


This hugely impacted my confidence and self worth.


It was all becoming a daily issue and no matter the efforts, I couldn’t seem to find the reason for not being able to feel just a slight bit better. And all that made me create a list of restricting foods that I found “unhealthy” that I had to stay away from or else I would go through the same symptoms over and over again, till I go completely numb...


All this painful cycle caused me a lot of stress and I was quite literally ashamed to even express to people the struggle I was going through.

It was easier for me to stay at home... 


rather than go to friends houses or restaurants, and fear what food would cause me to look pregnant. It wasn't worth worrying about what baggy clothes to wear to hide my stomach, or what others would think of me.


I knew deep inside me that one day I would finally bring balance into my digestive health, and I would never have to fear any foods again! So I began my journey by researching, and started experimenting in the kitchen more often. 


I remember mum being in the kitchen cooking a lot when I was young. As I grew older,

I learnt that food is insanely powerful.


It has the ability to help us heal, repair and grow.


Food is medicine and information for every part of our body, but it is also love, community, celebration, fun, and pleasure.​


It’s always been my nature to serve others. I show my love through making good food. There’s nothing quite like watching someones face change in delight when they try something I made.

Through the whole process of trying to heal myself, I realised that in order for me to fully heal...

I’d need to accomplish the perfect balance between my mind, body and soul.


And so I did... 


After a lot of ups and downs I can now confidently say that achieving your holistic health goals is a fun journey that teaches you to fall in love with your body. It helps you work with it rather than against it!

If you’re the type of woman that has a whole itinerary of blocked foods, it’s time for you to find out what works in your unique body... Food is the best medicine anyone can utilise! And through it, you’re able to accomplish that perfect balance in your mind and body.

Now if you’re not looking forward to the next painful symptom that’s going to cause a flare-up, I’d say, it’s time for you to heal, for good!
Click the link to start your own nourishing journey with me by your side, to heal your symptoms, just like I did! 

Are you ready to tap into your inner power and get your life back!?

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