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2-Ingredient Sauerkraut

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

If you want your gut to look after you... you must look after it by feeding your microbiome the right food

One thing they absolutely thrive off is Probiotics. Which is why I’m bringing you this very simple recipe — fermented cabbage

Simply add it to the side of your breakfast, salad or dinner. Just 2 tablespoons a day is enough to keep your microbes happy

Leave it to ferment for 2-3 days. It should taste fresh, sour and funky!


  • 1/2 head purple cabbage,

  • 1 tbsp celtic salt (any salt works)

  • 2 tbsp filtered water


  1. Rinse and finely slice cabbage, then place into a large bowl (keep the stem and outer layer leaf).

  2. Add salt to the bowl. Using your clean hands, massage the cabbage until it wilts down and becomes softer.

  3. Sterilise a glass jar and slowly start filling your jar in portions, push cabbage down with a rolling pin to make sure you get all the air out.

  4. Once you have filled the jar, you should see natural juices from the cabbage. This needs to cover cabbage about 1cm above. If it does not, add the filtered water.

  5. Place the outer leaf on top, then the stem to compact the cabbage and remove all excess air.

  6. Place the jar lid on and store at room temperature away from direct sunlight for 2-5 days.

  7. "Burp" your cabbage every day, by releasing the lid to let air bubbles rise, then close the lid tightly.

  8. After 2-5 days taste your cabbage, it should taste tangy. Store in the fridge.

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